Thursday, 15 September 2011

London's Calling!

London's Calling

Whilst I'm looking for work. I thought it about time that I start doing something with all the stories that I have rolling about, inside my dusty grey matter! So, I thought I'd knock up some movie/book cover type poster's from one of these stories. This piece is from an idea I had about my dog, Kai. My dog is the biggest jessy in the world, you name it, and he's scared of it! (parked motorbikes, wheelie bins, the wind, the list goes on!)
Anyhow, watching him sleep, I thought up the idea that when he's in Dreamland, he imagines himself as this swash buckling hero, who works for the British government. In these stories Kai is as sharp as a cutlass and as brave as a bear and as for (the wind) he'd gladly piss into it, whilst laughing!

(I have too much time on my hands don't I) The whole premise of this idea is always changing, but this is a concept poster from one of his adventures. London's Calling is based around this premise:

London's crime is at an all time high, with men and resources stretched to cover the ongoing war with the French. Politicians rally together to form a solution. In steps the Russian inventor, Knocka Creatapopov. He let's the fat cat politicians believe that his new invention "The Bobbie" will revolutionise London's street's. No longer will crime rule over London and more importantly, no longer will the Queen's purse be tainted with wages from any police officer. "The Bobbie" will work 24hr's a day 7days a week. With money in there pockets and reassurance at there heart Knocka Creatapopov get's the green light to mass produce The Bobbie. The first few machines impress, and it's not long before London's underworld recedes back into it's murky recesses. Everything, for the London and it's greedy politicians is going to plan. Until, on the production of the 100th Bobbie, Creatapopov's real plan comes into fruition. With the street's clear and the police all but gone, Creatapopov reset's the programming of the Bobbie's. London is now gripped from within by a mad Russian and his hundred strong, robot army!

A letter is sent to Mr Kai, it reads... London's Calling

(think I'll do another poster with the protagonist's in it soon, just to round it up)

(re-worked version: softer highs, and a slightly less impacting sea)