Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Jimmy Mc Big Bastard

Having now been back into drawing and painting for the past 3 years, something that I've been stupidly searching for (though now with hind sight I realize you don't find this thing, it finds you) has finally come my way.
What am I talking about? I'm talking about style and more importantly your own individual style as an artist. For me personally, this is everything. Every artist I look up too and admire has this in bucket loads, Frank Frazetta, Simon Bisley, Paul Bonner, Kevin O'neill, Justin Gerard, Nico Marlet, Paul Pope the list goes on. I find a lot of art these days lacks any identity, this may be down to the fact that nearly everyone uses the same techniques and digital mediums, or that most people just want to be sheep and follow whatever style is currently popular. I guess it's not really my place to bemoan this type of thing, but I think it's a real shame. Who knows what awaits these artists if they where to go out there Bilbo style and take on an (artistic) adventure!

What does all this prattle have to do with this piece of work? Well, this is the first piece where I feel I'm expressing myself more honestly and in a way that I'm pleased to see. For far to long I've been stressing over style and this in turn has been blocking me from finding my own natural pathway to such a thing. I'm sure as the years go by, my approach, methods and style will all change and evolve. But, for the first time I feel I'm at least on the right pathway.

(had another play around with this image (couldn't help myself) Its at the bottom...?)

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