Friday, 5 August 2011

Cap't Smails pt1

Got loads of work building up at the moment. But, I seem to be having a mental brake down when choosing, not only a particular piece in which to finish, but also making a choice on how to finish it!

Do I go down a 3d pathway and put loads of detail and bounced light in there...?

Do I just keep it 2d, or is that an easy option?

Do I leave in the line work or do I take it out?

I don't know where this big lump of indecisiveness came from, or what it's name is? But, I wish it would sod off!

Sketched this in work the other day and hope to take it further. Though, unless this indecisiveness takes a hike then it may well find it's self upon the ever growing pile of unfinished work!!!

Cap't Smails (the eliminator of Mar's Moon Monkey Men)


matthiusmonkey said...

i love this guy he is amazeing, as for the indecisiveness id say test it colour this 3 different ways and see which u enjoy most ^^ just an idea

Lee Stevenson said...

Cheers Matt. I'll have a play about with it this wkend