Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Hard Day's Knight (pre-paint stage)

This is the final (cleaned up) pencil sketch. I've quickly dropped a multiply layer on there just help me imagine the cave entrance. The reason I've only toned a few areas with pencil is that most of this pencil work will be lost by the time I actually finish this piece. Therefore, I've only toned the areas where I feel the pencil will act as a good texture base (mainly the rock's and bit's of metal) I've also decided to not draw any of the rock's that form around the cave entrance. I felt it would be quicker and more fun to just paint these directly onto the image, I hope this method pay's off! :/


matthiusmonkey said...

Looking awesome! canni wait te see it finnished !,lemme know if u do offer it as print :)

Lee Stevenson said...

Thanks Matt. You'll be the first to know if I get it printed.