Friday, 6 January 2012

The Notorious Clover Mob (character designs)

A couple of character designs, from yet another one of those stories that I have clogging up my brain. These were coloured pencil and then biro penned up. Starting to really like using a biro for the linework.


Big Irish (gang leader, though I hope that speaks for it's self?)
Snake Eye's (can shoot anything that moves... whilst blind drunk!)

The Deadly Nacho Pancho (this guy could throw knifes before he could walk. To me that's just bad parenting!)


George Bletsis said...

Biro? No way, I never imagined you could get such good results with a biro. Looking good as always Lee!

Lee Stevenson said...

Thanks George. Yer, I was surprised myself, how easy the line went down. I hadn't used a biro for years!