Friday, 10 February 2012

Salamander Samurai

Working on inking techniques and using numerous pen's at the moment. I have no explanation why this picture came to be, other than I wanted to produce something that would put these new pen's to the test. One other good thing that came from producing this picture, is I now (finally) have something that I can get printed for my good friend Adam

Better late than never hey mate! :)

(as always, looks a bit poo as a Jpeg. Hopefully a print will give it, it's clarity back?)

This is a Tiff saved version with the texture taken out, just want to see the quality of a tiff file:

Not happy with the tiff version, but taking the texture out has definitely helped with the compression. This one is jpeg, no texture and a little bit of the sharpen filter...I think this works best?


matthiusmonkey said...

this is brill ! love it my fave pic uve done to date man

Lee Stevenson said...

Thanks Matt that mean a lot, cheers.