Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Speed Painting Pt2

Okay, after having a artistic brake through yesterday. I thought I'd try the process again and see if it was all a fluke (or had I actually lernt something)
I confess this image didn't run as quick as the previous one, but I did pretty much manage to follow on from yesterdays brake through. All in all, I'm happy that I can move on in this manner and hopefully develop it much further and all the while gain more pace with it.

P.S I have no idea why I've painted these porky little fellows (maybe I'm due a bacon butty...Umh...bacon)



Monstertree said...

Nice one Lee, looks like concept art from some sort of pig fps game!

Lee Stevenson said...

Sorry for the late reply, no one ever stops by this way, so I never look for comments. Thanks for the kind comment though, much appreciated. Think I may develop these further.