Friday, 24 June 2011

Enter Six Hard Mercenaries For Hire...

Think this is going to be my last bit of geeky/fantasy work for a while, as I want to concentrate on a couple of proper illustrations. But, what better way to go out than on a bit of fan art!
Myself and my friend Wayne are huge Chaos Engine fan's and recently Wayne set up a fan page for the artist from that game (and numerous others) Dan Malone.

Being part of this fan page he set off a chain reaction of nostalgia, that is now running through my geek fueled viens! Therefore I thought I'd take on the challenge of painting up all six of the lead character's from the Chaos Engine. I did the same challenge a few years ago and part of the draw with this new challenge is to be able to compare how my style and skill levels have changed in the 2 years since.

The grayscale Navvie piece at the top is only 40% finished. And yes, I have another 2 characters to draw, but I think I want to get one character fully finished so I then know what direction I'm taking them all in.

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