Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Character Design (quick process)

Here is a very quick and shamefully rough process of how I approach painting a character within Photoshop.

All the layers used are normal layers except for a Colour Dodge Layer added at the tail end of the image and a Channel Mixer Layer which is set up at the beginning (this is set to monochromatic and therefore allows me to constantly check my image in a black and white state. This way I can constantly see my values clearly and easily) Oh yer, the pencil sketch layer is set to Multiply.

I normally work with just 2 or 3 layers, but I had no idea what colour to do this guy's clothing, so I put each piece on a fresh layer, just to make it easier to adjust.

(Original Coloured Pencil sketch)

(A Crummy Animation Of The Process)

(80% done)

(Finished: Womack The Nomad)
(any reference to my friend Paul Richards are totally coincidental :) 


George Bletsis said...

The hard edges of the face are great, nice shapes in this one mate!

Lee Stevenson said...

Thanks for the kind word's George, real glad you picked up on the shape work! Thanks