Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Baby Sitter

I've been sort of pottering about of late, interms of what and how I've been working. I needed to do something that would anchor down for a while, whilst also being something that would help strengthen my portfolio. I hope this picture will do just that for me, as it definitely kept me anchored for a while!

On an arty farty note* I wanted to try and capture both the protective responsibility and the sheer exhaustion that comes with looking after kids, in the cat's face

p.s) I know Leopards don't really look like this... get off my back will ya!

The Baby Sitter:


matthiusmonkey said...

looks great man, lovein his exspresion, do u use alot of textures in ur work looks ded traditional

Lee Stevenson said...

Cheers Mate. I used 2 overall textures on this, I usually only use 1, but felt this picture needed more.