Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Enter Six Hard Mercenaries For Hire...pt2

I was suppose to have finished these Chaos Engine characters age's ago, but I've been right off the boil of late and for the last month I haven't had the stomach for working (or much else) Anyhow, before I crack on with some portfolio illustrations. I thought I'd ease myself back into working by finishing one of these Chaos Engine character's. The Navvie was always my fave, so it was always him who would receive a first lick of digital paint.

Looking over my blog though, I realise there has been a bit of a beard/soup collecter fetish going on of late. Maybe I'll paint up the Thug just to balance out the abundance of man fuzz!

(For those unfamiliar with the Chaos Engine, above are the 6 in game character's in all there glory. These fantastic character's were designed and (pixel) painted by the fantastic Dan Malone. Dan's pixel work was and still is, the best I've ever seen, no one else could ever achieve so much from so little. The in game graphics and these character portrait's by Dan are still among my favourite images ever )

(Above: my humble version of the Navvie)

(Above: Thug)

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