Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Goblin & Wolf

Right now I should be working away on some proper illustration's from the Hobbit. The scenes that I want to do are all (sort of) planned out. Some of these scenes are properly planned out. Whilst other's are only visible from within the confines of my foggy and sometimes rather erratic imagination. Never the less, I think I'm pretty much ready to go!

Well, I would be if I hadn't decided to squeeze in one more illustration before hand. To be fair, the piece of work that is making me stall over starting the Hobbit, is in fact of a very, very similar genre to that of the Hobbit. Therefore I'm viewing it as a practise piece rather than it's true reason of being. Which is help further stall the taking on of the Hobbit, because I'm still scared that I'll ball's it up! :)

Anyway, whilst I finish this (final) piece of work. I thought I'd post this very quick sketch of a Goblin Wolf Rider. It's very hard to do something new when it comes to working on Goblin's or Ork's as they've been done so many times before. I've got something new (I hope) to bring to the design of Goblin ears*. But, as for the rest of him I've just tried to design him and the Wolf around shape structure.

(* the new thing with the goblin ears wont be visible till I do some coloured concept's)


George Bletsis said...

Really like the coloured pencil kind of style you're pursuing lately mate, nice work!

Lee Stevenson said...

Thanks George and thanks for looking in.