Thursday, 20 October 2011

Moby Dick (I've touched this dick for the last time!)

This is my version of Ahab taking on the mighty Moby Dick. Like I said in the earlier post, I've not read the book. So, this illustration comes from the few bit's that I vaguely know about Herman Melville's tale. I took those few fact's (mainly that a captain takes on a huge sperm whale!) added a load of made up element's that I knew would make for a stronger illustration and below is the final version!

The thing's I've fixed since the last post:

Boosted key highlights:

Added an ore: (bet you never noticed, ha)

Pushed the shadows further back to then be able to heighten the chroma of the lamp and it's glow. I always wanted to have the main focus area bathed in a warm yellow glow, whilst complementing the rest of the image in blue's. Looking at my version from yesterday, I didn't feel I'd taken that effect as far as I wanted. Hopefully, this final version has put that right:

Hope you like

(will get around to posting the thumb nail and sketchs for this piece in the next few days)


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