Tuesday, 4 October 2011

There And (hopefully) Back Again!

Since having the brake through idea that I should just concentrate on illustration work, thing's have been going great. Knowing I don't have to design thing's and structure my work around the format and desires of the video games industry, has lifted a real burdening weight that lay upon my shoulder's. Now, I feel released to express my own feeling's and emotion's within my work. This was something I was never going to obtain whilst trying push my portfolio along the ridge's of both an illustration and video games market. Looking back, I should have noticed the fact that my work and the current gaming industry were never going to get on. After all, I barely play the thing's anymore and only about 1 in every 20 odd titles even makes me raise an eyebrow! (that said, Batman: Arkham City is making me geek out)

With a new direction in place and my skill's within shape and structure coming along nicely. I felt it about time that I sunk my teeth into something big, something that would fully push my own ability and understanding of illustration to it's limit! I wanted to take something on that I felt very passionate about, as I wanted to work on this project for a good few month's (if need be) I also wanted something that I felt my working style and vision would stand out upon. With this criteria in place, there was only one real option for me to take (well, two actually, but I'm defiantly not ready for the other one, just yet!) I'm going to illustrate The Hobbit!!!

(yep, that's right... The Hobbit... feel my gun's ladies and gentlemen)

As to wether I'm ready to take on such a challenge, well, I guess I'll only fully now the answer to that, when it's all over. Like the stories main protagonist, Mr Baggin's, I'm a little unsure about such a big adventure!

Below are some work in progress/concept character design's. I'm going to treat this project like a movie and before I go into illustrating any key scene's I want a fully auditioned cast. Working on the character's also allow's me to work on the overall style and process to the project.

(early Bilbo test: his head need's shrinking and leg's need a little lengthening to make him work against the other characters)

 (early Beorn test: not happy with this and he has been re-designed since)

(I should never have painted this up, as the picture is way off kilter. But, it served as both a lesson learnt and a colour test)

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